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How Can You Keep In Touch With Your Family Members Better Than An iPhone App?

All clubs, associations church apps and organizations need to engage their members by providing news, events, and opportunities. Members are mobile during events. There is no better way to engage with this community than through technology that is available 24/7.

A core feature of an iPhone app for association would be to send out notifications and alerts. Also, the ability to record videos and podcasts must be integrated into an association’s iPhone app. In this way, members are able to be summoned to action in a matter of seconds and can also see the entire mandate of the club or association.

Examples of community iPhone Apps are:
– USGA – The United States Golf Association
– SFIMA – The South Florida Interactive Marketing Association
American Diabetes Association
– Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association
Merced County Association of Realtors
Redeemer Church
Willow Creek Association is for members churches

An iPhone App allows you to communicate directly with members of the public when an association deals with them. Because the App is mobile, you can post information to the public for consumption. This information can be as current and immediate as your heart desires. You can encourage two-way communication by allowing the App to allow the public to post onto a shared wall. However, inappropriate or inordinate content can be removed from such posts. In this way, the App can be used by associations as a tool for public relations.

Collecting membership dues is an ongoing chore that can prove frustrating. An iPhone App is a quick and efficient solution. Imagine being capable of sending an alert, notification, call, or making a call directly from your iPhone and having them make payment right away through the App.